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Introduction for Yahoo Mail Backup

Almost everyone uses one or more online email client for personal or official exchange of mails. We depend on our email account by storing all our critical data in it that we cannot afford to lose. The main motive of most of the account’s user is to keep their data safe and secure to avoid any mishaps or loss of data.

The question is how we can assure ourselves that the mails or data in email client is safe or not. We can create a backup of our mails on our local drive or store it in other place to ensure safety of data and retrieve it whenever needed. In this article, we will be discussing why backup is necessary and how can we create backup of yahoo mails.

Need of Backup

As data plays a very important role in our life, we need to make sure that we protect our data. Many employees of multiple organizations stores their corporate information generated everyday on their yahoo accounts. Losing their data may need the employees to start the work from scratch, leading to loss of time and effort. Creating a backup of yahoo mail on a local storage like Hard Drive is safe as we can retrieve the information whenever needed. Backing up our data in local system gives us peace of mind and ensure that the data does not fall into wrong hands. Scenarios where we need to create backup:

- Mail was deleted by mistake

- Server breaks down

- To access our data offline

- IT infrastructure failure

How to Backup Yahoo Mail Folders

One of the most effective way to create Yahoo backup is by using a third party Yahoo Backup Tool. The tool provides quick and easy way to backup all our yahoo mailbox and conversations in just a few clicks by creating local copies of all the Yahoo mail folders and save it in the desired preferred location. The tool not only provides easy to use interface for the users, but also multiple output file formats like PST, EML, MBOX and MSG among which the user can choose according to their choice.

Some reasons why should we use Yahoo Backup Tool are as follows:

-      The backup tool provides complete email download of Yahoo account to our local storage maintaining the original formatting and metadata of the mails like From, To, cc etc. along with its attachments.

-      The tool allows backup of data from single Yahoo account or multiple Yahoo accounts just by providing the username and password credentials and start the backup process after login.

-      The software has selective folder backup option where user can create backup of all the mail folders or only the required folders chosen from the yahoo account and save it on specified location.

-      The Yahoo Backup Tool provides the backup of email data in multiple file formats such as PST, EML, MSG, or MBOX. The user can select any of the available file formats available for using it later on other applications.

-      The tool provides date filter allowing user to take backup of only some yahoo mails within a specific date range. Using this option saves time as entire mail from yahoo account does not needs to be scanned.

-      Yahoo Backup tool allows you to manage the percentage of internet being utilized in backup process or define a time slot for particular amount of bandwidth as per your need using Bandwidth throttling option.

-      After the backup process is completed, the software gives an option to delete the data items after the backup file has been saved. Using this option will free up the unnecessary server space of Yahoo.


After discussing the importance of backup of Yahoo account and the ideal solution that helps in creating yahoo backup, we have observed that Yahoo Backup tool is a reliable software as it provides necessary backup operation. The demo version of the backup tool is available free of cost for trial purpose to understand the working of the tool. As the demo version provides backup of only first 100 mails from Yahoo account, user has option to purchase the license version of backup tool that provides complete email backup.



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